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Col & Mrs John Abraham - your local connection in Kerala will ensure you have a memorable KERALA EXPERIENCE. Kerala -  "God's Own Country" - a land bestowed with beauty so enchanting that visitors and warriors alike have been attracted to its shores since ages - the warmth and hospitality of its people, the exotic produces of this Spice Garden and the inviting coconut groves that Mother Nature has gifted to its people have made it one of the most sought after tourist destinations in Asia.


About Us


This Kerala Hotels Booking Service is owned and operated by Colonel John Abraham and his wife Elizabeth. Col John is an ex-commissioned officer and 26-year-old veteran of the Indian Army. Born and brought up in Kerala, Col John and his team know Kerala well enough to guide you with the best personalised itineraries, identifying great locations for you to visit, taking part in interesting activities & providing only the highest service levels.

When we set out to offer you a holiday package, we go by the one principle that guides us - "You want it your way" and we offer you just that, come what may.

Their passion for protecting Kerala includes the beaches, backwaters, tropical forests, flora and fauna. Starting in their family home they have implemented rain water harvesting, solar water heaters and the use of energy saving devices. Their commitment to the environment does not stop there - their support of sustainable tourism initiatives are evident in the properties they promote through this website. They also try to promote visitors to lodge in home stays and experience the local culture first hand. They believe that by leading the way with these initiatives, others will follow, meaning a sustainable future for Kerala's tourism. They are proud of the rich cultural heritage of this land and as such efforts have been initiated for promotion of the traditional art and dance forms.

During part of his 26 years as an officer in the Indian Army, Col John was involved in arranging trips to India for foreign delegations. It was during this time, he realized his passion for travel and decided he wanted more people to experience India, especially Kerala. He enjoys the challenge of every single traveler, as each person is different and a strong part of his business values is to ensure each trip is unique for the individual or group.

Col John AbrahamWhilst in the Army, Col John developed a love for nature and the outdoors. He was involved in paratrooping, rock climbing,rappelling, trekking, jungle lore and angling. Nowadays, you can find him putting his skills to use with wood carving, fret-work and a bit of gardening.


Elizabeth JohnHis wife Elizabeth is a qualified Travel Consultant and Educationalist. She looks after the office administration of Uno Tours & Travels. She is a qualified sky diver and her other special interests include bungee jumping, drama, painting, sketching, singing, flower arranging, ceramics, flower making, and gardening - so she can help with advice from everything from extreme sports to crafts.

Kerala is a land that has been called God's Own Country, nothing less. A land bestowed with a beauty so enchanting that visitors and warriors alike have been attracted on its shores since time immemorial from Europe, Americas, Africa and Arabia. Some have left to tell tales of the warmth and hospitality of its people. Some have been won over by the exotic produces of this Spice Garden and the inviting coconut groves that Mother Nature has gifted to its people. All have been won over by the beauty beyond compare.

The land still works its magic. 'One of the 10 paradises on earth', says the National Geographic Traveler. 'One of the 100 great trips of the 20th century', says Travel and Leisure. 'One of the 10 hotspots of the millennium', writes the Emirate In-flight magazine. The list goes on...

The hand that guides

Our work ethics - honesty, transparency, discipline, perseverance and clockwork efficiency - ensure your comfort at all times...

Be it the laid back itineraries, the special interest honeymoon / family group packages, the thrill and excitement for soft adventure seekers and wild life enthusiasts, or ayurvedic rejuvenation for the healthy and not so healthy...

Or perhaps the multi-destination air / train ticketing, accommodation at distant locales and little known local hideaways, conferencing facilities and organizational skills required of a business traveler or group...

Always offered with a courteous smile that embodies everything that we stand for - dedication, loyalty and efficiency.

Your kind of needs, your kind of holiday!

When we set out to offer you a holiday package, we go by the one principle that guides us. "You want it your way". And we offer you just that - come what may.

For the business traveller in search of a place to recharge his batteries, for an organization in search of a great conferencing facility, for the leisure tourist hunting for places as yet unexplored, for the nature enthusiast who wants wildlife untamed, for the lovers of sun, sand and sea, for a family group - "A Day with an Elephant", for a student of art and culture - "A Day with the Masters". We have it all, we have destinations that you have not heard of - let alone imagined!

Recharge yourself!

Visiting tourist spots and catching up with culture is not all that we have here in Kerala. This sliver of land on the southern tip of India is also a repository of many treatments that have been evolved over the ages. Ayurveda, Nature cure, Mud baths, Oil massages, Yoga - the perfect way to de-stress your body, calm your mind and get geared up for the great times ahead.

How may we help you?

  • Plan your Itinerary
  • Accommodation at: Hotels, Resorts, Houseboats, Forest camps, Treetop huts, Cave houses, Log houses, Home stay with local families
  • Cuisine as desired - but we are best at serving the local fares
  • Travel: Fleet of cars and bigger vehicles
  • Documentation
  • Transfers
  • Guides
  • Emergency Care

Why us?

For all the many benefits and advantages that we offer you, our prices should come to you as a very pleasant surprise. What's more, should you ever feel that our service has been anything less than perfect, we have a policy that we adhere to - we refund your money!

We are based at Cochin (Kochi). We know our land, our culture and traditions, and we strive to offer the best to our guests. Our special area of interest is inbound tours to Kerala and South India.

We have a wonderful team of professionals and a dedicated fleet of vehicles. We ensure the best of arrangements and facilities to our guests. You can depend on us for discipline, sincerity and transparency in all our dealings.

Our experience is that guests prefer customised itineraries over fixed itineraries. As such, we follow your desired itinerary - if you are not familiar enough with the region, we can suggest the best itinerary to match your specific requirement. You can pick and choose the hotels / resorts listed in the accommodation page. In the event of non-availability of accommodation at any resort, we shall make alternate arrangements at similar resorts.

To enable us to serve you, we require the following details:

  • Date and time of arrival and departure
  • Number of rooms desired
  • Locations of visit and preferred hotels / resorts and duration of stay at each
  • Type of car desired - AC / non AC
  • Food preference
  • Special requirements like Ayurvedic therapy / soft adventures / cultural activities, etc.

We always plan the final itinerary to include a meal with Colonel and Mrs. John Abraham to enable us to get a realistic feed-back on our services and also to invite suggestions for improvement.

We shall respond to all enquiries within 24 hours.


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