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Col & Mrs John Abraham - your local connection in Kerala will ensure you have a memorable KERALA EXPERIENCE. Kerala -  "God's Own Country" - a land bestowed with beauty so enchanting that visitors and warriors alike have been attracted to its shores since ages - the warmth and hospitality of its people, the exotic produces of this Spice Garden and the inviting coconut groves that Mother Nature has gifted to its people have made it one of the most sought after tourist destinations in Asia.


Destination Guide


A visit to Kerala offers everything any tourist could ask for - from scenic cruises along the calm backwaters to the amazing sunsets along its famous beaches. Come and enjoy this true picturesque natural wonder. Along the coastline the rich culture is evident, customs are steeped in religion, and the food is to die for! The Ayurvedic scene is very special and renowned in Kerala, with its remedies dating back thousands of years. The efficacy is quite popular and the treatments offered and varied. Here at Kerala Hotels, we would be happy to help you discover Kerala in a new light.

A tourist's delight, Kerala offers a happy mix of the very traditional, scenic, natural remedies and heavy accents! Come to Kerala; treat yourself to a unique health retreat. Choosing your hotel in Kerala is only a click away, and Kerala City is definitely a wonderful choice for a holiday.

Our Kerala Destination Guide below will provide you with all you need to know about things to see and do during your travels. For more general travel information about India, take a look at our India Destination Guide and India Country Guide.

We recommend you check out the Kerala travel information from fellow travellers on the RealTravel web site.

Things to See & Do in Kerala

India's rich cultural heritage is evident in this state in a multitude of religious architectural wonders. Visit the magnificent Hindu temples made centuries ago, the Islamic mosques with Malabar gables, or the gorgeous colonial Portuguese Baroque churches. So, don't delay, book your hotel in Kerala.

Kerala City Guide Fast Facts
Kerala Area: 38,863 sq km

Kerala Population: 31.8 million

Kerala Languages Spoken: Malayalam, English, Hindi

Kerala Capital: Thiruvanathapuram

Kerala Climate: Kerala enjoys a tropical Climate and remains pleasant for most of the year. A few fast facts about the climate are that Kerala does not have a dry spell as does the rest of India. It is summer time from April to June. The maximum temperature remains around 33 degrees centigrade. The South West Monsoon touches the state in June and remains till September however not much difference in temperature can be felt, though humidity increases and rainfall can last for a couple of days at a stretch. Winter is from October to January and the temperature slightly.

Kerala Temperature: The maximum temperature in Kerala rarely rises above 32 degrees while minimum temperature at sea level does not go below 20 degree centigrade. The weather is never too cold in Kerala.

Kerala Cities:

- Alappuzha (Alleppey)
- Ernakulam (Cochin)
- Idukki
- Kannur
- Kasaragod
- Kollam
- Kottayam (Kumarakom)
- Kozhikode (Calicut)
- Malappuram
- Munnar
- Palakkad
- Thekkady (Periyar)
- Thiruvananthapuram
- Thrissur
- Wayanad
Main Attractions
Variety is the spice of life

Beaches, backwaters, hills and forests - visitors can experience all four while holidaying in Kerala, and all within 150 to 200 km of each other! Kerala is quite unlike other holiday destinations such as Goa, where almost everything the state has to offer can be experienced at a single location. Monotony is unheard of while in Kerala, and visitors can distribute their vacation time between the beach resorts, backwater resorts, houseboats, hill resorts, and forest or plantation resorts. The activities at all these locations also vary - from treks in the forests and tea gardens to fishing with the local fisher folk; from viewing the aquatic life while deep sea diving to watching the wildlife on terra firma while exploring the wild life sanctuaries; from enjoying stunning views of the backwaters to being a part of the numerous festivals, the list is endless. You can take your pick or pick all of them too! 

The Kerala Backwaters

Kerala is famous for its backwaters which stretch across the whole state. The Vembanad Lake flows through three districts of Kerala and meets the sea at Kochi Port. This lake is the largest stretch of backwater. The second largest stretch is the Astamudi Lake, which is considered to be the gateway to the backwaters. It has eight arms and covers a large part of the Kollam district in South Kerala.


The Kettuvalom or the traditional houseboat is the biggest attraction in the Kerala backwaters. The charm of spending a few days lazing around in a houseboat is what draws many tourists to the backwaters. The houseboats have become one of the most famous tourist attractions of India. 

Alleppey, Kumarakom, Alumkadavu, Willingdon Island, and Quilon are the best places to enjoy the breathtaking views of the backwaters. 

Temples and Forts

Kerala's capital city Thiruvananthapuram is home to the famous and ancient Sri Padmanabhaswamy Temple. Other attractions in the city are several museums and magnificent palaces. The city is also well known for its magical Kovalam Beach.

Guruvayoor is another sacred and important centre of pilgrimage for Hindus. The famous Sree Krishna Temple is located here. 

As you travel along the National Highway, don't miss the well-preserved Bekal Fort. It's the largest fort in Kerala and the most important historical landmark of the region. It is more than 300 years old, having been built in 1650. 

Soak in the history as you stroll along the Kappad Beach. This is where Vasco da Gama landed on 27th May 1498 accompanied by 170 men in three vessels. The sea route to India had been discovered!

Hills and Forests 

The Periyar Sanctuary, or the Thekkady Wildlife Sanctuary as it is also called, is a nature lover's paradise. The sanctuary attracts visitors in huge numbers. If you enjoy watching animals in their natural habitat, this is the place to visit during your sojourn in Kerala. The sanctuary is 137 km from the city of Madurai and is huge, covering 777 sq km of the Cardamom Hills in the Western Ghats.

Ponmudi is a delightful hill station located 61 km from Thiruvananthapuram. Trekkers are often drawn by the beauty of this place and enjoy exploring it for a day or two. 

Festivals of Kerala

The year begins in Kerala with the annual 10-day festival or Utsavam in January. This festival is held at the Sreekandeswaram Temple in Thiruvananthapuram. Come February and it's time for the week long Nishagandhi Dance Festival. Before you can catch your breath, it's time for the Pooram Festival in April-May. This is celebrated in Thrissur. May is the month for food - the Flavour Food Festival is organised at the Kanakakunnu Palace Grounds in Thiruvananthapuram. 

Two of Kerala's most important festivals are the Pongala Utsavam celebrated in February and Onam in August. The first is celebrated at the Attukal Bhagavathy Temple in Thiruvananthapuram. The specialty of the festival is that it is a "women only" festival, and men are not allowed to take part in the festivities. Onam is the annual harvest festival of Kerala and lasts for 10 long days. 

Festivals and Celebrations

Kerala's natural beauty is no doubt breathtaking, but a description of Kerala without mentioning the state's festivals would be incomplete. A Keralite's life is enriched with festivals throughout the year - dance festivals, food festivals, harvest festivals, to name just a few.
Beaches in Kerala
Kerala boasts of a long shoreline of 600 km and this long stretch is dotted with some of the world's most enchanting beaches. Adding to this breathtaking beauty, the coastline is also blessed with lush green coconut groves, natural harbours, lagoons and sheltered bays. 

Some of Kerala's best loved beaches are: 

Kovalam Beach: Kovalam is a crescent shaped beach with three parts. The Lighthouse Beach, which is the southern most part, is the most popular beach. The charm and magic of Kovalam Beach is renowned the world over and it has been a favourite among tourists since the 1930s. With accommodation options to suit all budgets, Kovalam is a beach lover's delight.

Varkala Beach: Varkala is well known both as a beautiful seaside resort as well as a Hindu pilgrimage centre. High cliffs rich with mineral springs are a prominent feature of this beach. Two other attractions here are the2000-year-old Sree Janardhana Swamy Temple and the Nature Care Centre.

Alappuzha Beach: This beach in the district of Alappuzha is very popular. A major attraction here is the long pier extending into the sea. The pier is about 140 years old. The beach is also known as Alleppey beach. 

Beypore Beach:Beypore is situated at the mouth of the Chaliyar River. It was one of the main ports and fishing harbours of ancient Kerala. It was also well known as an important trade and maritime centre.

Cherai Beach: Perfect for swimming, this beautiful beach is sometimes visited by dolphins! The beach is located next to Vypeen Island.

Fort Kochi Beach: This beach is attached to the town of Kochi. In earlier times, the town was home to several European cultures - the Portuguese, the Dutch and later the British. The architecture here still shows the influence of these cultures.

Kappad Beach: This is the historic place where Vasco da Gama landed in 1498. A charming beach, it is studded with rocks. In fact, an interesting feature of the beach is a huge rock jutting out of the sea.

Padinharekara Beach: Catch a magnificent view of the confluence of the Bharatha Puzha, the Tirur Puzha and the Arabian Sea from this beach. It is located at the end of the Tipu Sultan Road near Ponnani.

Shanghumugham Beach: This is a sunset watcher's paradise. The beach is close to the Thiruvananthapuram airport and the Veli Tourist Village.

Vallikunnu Beach: The main attraction here is a beach resort surrounded by coconut trees. Not too far away is the Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary.
Traditional Ayurveda in Kerala
Ayurveda, the traditional health science of India originated in India almost 5000 years ago. Ayurveda is an intricate system of medicine and is believed to be the oldest system of medicine practised in the world. The word Ayurveda is a combination of two Sanskrit words, "Ayu" meaning "life" and "Veda" meaning "knowledge of". 

Ayurveda - The Facts

Ayurveda teaches one how to attain perfect health. It not only cures the body's ailments but also attempts to prevent all ailments by increasing the body's resistance. "Vata", "Pitta" and "Kapha" are the three vital energies of the body and the perfect balance of all three is the key to good health. Ayurveda studies the balance or imbalance of these energies in a person's body and brings about the perfect balance by eliminating all toxic imbalances.

Ayurveda follows a completely natural healing system. Kerala, with its equable climate and rich forests blessed with a huge collection of medicinal herbs and plants, is perfectly suited for Ayurvedic treatment. Ayurveda is not just a system of massage, as is often believed, but a way of life. 

Several resorts in Kerala actively promote the practice of Ayurveda. Kalari Kovilakam is one such well known resort, which caters exclusively to Ayurvedic therapy. Here you can choose a package and have a personalised treatment plan chalked out. There are several other resorts that offer regular services along with Aurvedic therapy.   

Visit Kerala, discover a more relaxed way of life and learn the secrets to perfect health from India's ancient health science.
Tour Ideas & Tourist Spots in Kerala

Adventure in Kerala

- Backwater Biking & Canoeing
- Bird Tours
- Forest & Wildlife Photography Tours
- Hiking & Biking
- Trekking & Camping
- Water Sports
- Wildlife Tours

Classical Arts of Kerala 

- Bharata Natyam
- Chakyarkoothu  
- Kathakali
- Mohiniyattam 

Folk Arts of Kerala 

- Kalampattu
- Kalaripayattu
- Kaliyoottu
- Kanniyarkali 
- Kavadiyattam
- Kolkali
- Thiruvathirakali
- Velakali

Backwaters of Kerala

- Alleppey Backwaters
- Kochi Backwaters
- Kollam Backwaters 
- Kumarakom Backwaters
- Trivandrum Backwaters

Fairs & Festivals in Kerala

- Aranmula Vallamkali
- Champakulam Boat Race
- Christmas
- Deepavali
- Indira Gandhi Boat Race
- Makaravilakku  - Maramom Convention
- Nehru Trophy Boat Race
- Onam
- Rajiv Gandhi Boat Race
- Thrissur Pooram

Hill Stations in Kerala

- Chembra Peak
- Devikulam
- Idukki
- Lakkidi
- Mattupetty
- Munnar
- Nellyampathy
- Peruvannamuzhi
- Ponmudi
- Pythal Mala
- Vythiri
- Wagamon

Kerala Ayurveda

- Abhyangam
- Dhanyamla Dhara
- Dhara
- Kativasthi
- Kizhi
- Ksheeradhoomam
- Lepanam
- Nasyam
- Njavarakizhi 
- Pizhichil
- Snehapanam
- Udvarthanam
- Urovasthi
- Vasthi
- Yoni Prakshalanam 

Body Care In Ayurveda

- Beauty Care Programme
- Body Immunisation/Longevity Treatment
- Body Purification Therapy
- General Massage
- Karnapooranam
- Medicated Steam Bath
- Mukhlepam  
- Psoriasis Treatment Programme
- Rejuvenation Massage
- Rejuvenation Therapy
- Slimming Programmes
- Spine & Neck Care Programme
- Tharpanam

Kerala Ayurveda Resorts

- Coconut Holidays Resort
- Kairali Health Resort
- Keraleeyam Ayurvedic Resort
- Manal Theeram Beach Resort
-Sanjeevanam Resort
- Somatheeram Resort
- Thirummal Resort

Monuments & Temples in Kerala  

- Bekal Fort
- Edakkal Caves
- Guruvayoor Temple
- Napier Museum

Wildlife in Kerala

- Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary
- Eravikulam National Park
- Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary
- Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary
- Periyar Tiger Reserve
- Thattekkad Bird Sanctuary
- Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary

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