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Col & Mrs John Abraham - your local connection in Kerala will ensure you have a memorable KERALA EXPERIENCE. Kerala -  "God's Own Country" - a land bestowed with beauty so enchanting that visitors and warriors alike have been attracted to its shores since ages - the warmth and hospitality of its people, the exotic produces of this Spice Garden and the inviting coconut groves that Mother Nature has gifted to its people have made it one of the most sought after tourist destinations in Asia.


Restaurants in Kerala


 Kerala is blessed with a rich diversity of agricultural products and this is reflected in the state's delightful cuisine. The food is simple yet delicious. Keralites are known to use whatever the land and water offers. Keeping this tradition alive, most of Kerala's restaurants offer homegrown food as their chief attraction.

Diversity in Kerala's cuisine is seen not only because of its variety of natural products but also because of religious and cultural factors.

When you have gone Shopping in Kerala until your feet and legs hurt, our Kerala restaurants suggestions and information about Kerala cuisine below, will give you the perfect scene to experience our exotic Keralite food. For information about things to see and do, our Kerala Destination Guide can help you out. For more general information about India, take a look at our India Destination Guide and India Restaurants Guide.

Food & Cuisine in Kerala

Kerala's agricultural products are as diverse as the state's geography. The higher regions have vast plantations of aromatic cardamom and nutmeg, pungent pepper, tea and coffee. Clove, ginger and turmeric are grown in the lower elevations. The midlands are home to paddy fields, tapioca, vegetables and tropical fruits. Yam, drumsticks, jackfruits, bananas and cashew are part of this rich produce. Coconut trees and paddy are cultivated in the lowlands. Each of these products plays a role in making the state's cuisine so marvellous.

The coconut tree and its products are an important part of a Keralite's life - the coconut in various forms is a ubiquitous part of the daily diet. Seafood is another important ingredient in Kerala's traditional cuisine. The staple food of the Keralites is rice, the more healthy unpolished rice being the preferred one. Rice is not only eaten in its usual boiled form, but is also the main ingredient in a variety of snacks and breakfast delicacies.

After it is pounded into flour, rice is used to make the bamboo shaped "puttu", the steamed "vattayappam", the "palappam" with its lacy edges, and pancakes or "kallappam". There is the "uniapam" and "kozhikatta" for the sweet lovers, and then there is the noodle like "idiappam" - the list is endless!

When in Kerala, don't forget to taste the "pathiri", which is a "chapatti" like bread and its thinner version, the "vatipathiri". "Pettipathiri" is box type and "chattipathiri" is a sweet cake. Pathiris are often stuffed too; they're steamed when filled with fish, or fried when filled with beef, chicken or mutton. There is something for every palate in Kerala!

The Nambudiris and Brahmins, two Hindu castes, are known to eat a strictly vegetarian diet, while meat and fish are part of the diet of all other Hindus. They usually stay away from non-vegetarian food on important festival days but for the other communities in Kerala, non-vegetarian food is an integral part of all festivities. Though beef is not eaten in many parts of India, it is quite popular in Kerala. This is believed to be the influence of the many European cultures in the state.


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